Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Welcome to the world of Portland

Welcome to the world of Portland

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Blakefe1 month ago
were is that at 1:20?
 Andrew W 
Andrew W2 weeks ago
Blakefe Multnomah Falls
 Brandt McCall 
Brandt McCall6 months ago
Love this city and all the fantastic vegan restaurants there are so many super delicious ie. Natural Selections wow yum!
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 Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa 
Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa2 weeks ago
What a wonderful video! Thank you for sharing!
 Dylan Hosty 
Dylan Hosty3 weeks ago
myyyyy city
placebo12343 weeks ago
Hipster City
 Mike Jabroni 
Mike Jabroni6 months ago
Gonna drive down to Portland tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what this city has to offer.
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Rapture5821 month ago
Don't forget no jobs and shitty weather!
 Ben Grayzel 
Ben Grayzel4 months ago
Stop settling here, please
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trustnojuan4 months ago
+Dope Docs oh shit im not a rich white folk so shiet im good

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